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By on Aug 2, 2016 in Uncategorized |    Our Journey – Blog on Nicole and Narindra in Madagascar with We have short stories, ok, sometimes something a bit longer to share with you there.  Please read along, contact us, and share your life journey – we would love to hear from you!

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Worthy or Wasted

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I have been reminded a lot recently, about the opportunity each of us have to leave a mark on this world, to leave an imprint, a point of view, leave behind people that will remember us for something.  Questions that come up might look like this “what will I leave behind when I’m gone”,  “how many lives can I touch before my flame is put to rest?”  “is life really about keeping up with this new thing?”   “Living beyond my means is that really acceptable?”  “Will my life be Worthy or Wasted?” I am very aware that I will leave behind a legacy, for me I am sure that will look and feel different from most of my friends and family.  You see, I have found out that deep within me I have been created to DO SOMETHING, to move, to reach outside of the boundaries, outside of the boxes.  To DO the unthinkable.   Now, before you allow your thinking to run away, reel it back in.   Please also understand because I have chosen this life, I don’t judge you for the life you have chosen!  I live on a tight-wire between understanding the life that friends and family live and the life that I have chosen, the life that I have been made for. My legacy looks very different.  I have chosen to live an (uncomfortable to most) life amongst those that don’t have much, they don’t even dream of a future, anything much past today.  I have chosen to live in a country without a stable infrastructure, without a reliable transport, without constant electricity, without flushing toilets and without so many more things.  What I would like to focus on is what I have chosen to live with, lets stay in the positive.  I have chosen to live amongst people that live in community, draw together to help their neighbors, that set aside differences in times of need and do whatever it takes to meet their basic physical needs of FOOD and SHELTER.  I have decided to give all that I have to help, in any way that I can.  I was moved to live this life to allow GOD to use me to help others.  I have chosen to focus on people that...

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Tooth fairy funds

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Today I was talking with my 9 year old niece over breakfast, we were discussing my job and what I am actually doing.  We talked about children as early as the age of 7 being forced by their parents to have sex with older men for money.  Her face become contorted and squished while she stared at me.  This was not funny at all, she was really concerned.  She immediately went and grabbed her newly received baggie of coins from the tooth fairy and gave it to me.   This moment is one that will not soon be forgotten! Sometimes I am amazed at children and their ability to respond with a clear plan.   In seconds she decided to give what she had just been given, in its entirety.   I hope to have a generous heart at all times just like my niece! When you are drawn to give is it out of obligation or pity?  When you give do you brag about it or do it secretly? Do you give with a true love and desire to help where...

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Sometimes we have things in our lives that seem like GOLIATH or THE YEAR WITHOUT A SANTA CLAUSE –  Sometimes we allow these things, events, and people in our lives to limit our view, to limit our perception and to limit the possible outcome of our efforts. Have you ever been in that situation where the bills seem to huge, the car broke down again, or you just lost your job? It seems tireless, never ending.  How can you help others around you when you can’t seem to ever get ahead of your own problems? Tonight I found myself, after a long day of tears and frustration, reading a book that I have not read in a long time. The book itself is not important, the author would say he is not either, the point of view and the outcome, PIVITAL.   I am still getting used to digital books, they are just not the same as hard covers and pages to turn. Side trail to follow on another day. I was actually laying in bed processing what I read before I closed my eyes: thinking “don’t forget that point” and “the way they said this”, and this thought, and don’t forget that, and remember to type it that way when I felt prompted to, just get up and slay that first GIANT. I have a passion for something a million times bigger than me, I have no idea how it will be accomplished yet I know this is what I am made to do, care for others.  It just so happens that the others (my others) are on the opposite side of the world (in Madagascar), I have no idea how or when, or how, or even who will help – but I am doing something about it and getting out there! FEAR of not doing this and not moving forward and not trying to help in the least bit will not hold me back.  Is this larger than me, than life?  YES, larger than I ever imagined!   Sometimes larger than I can fathom.  Can I do this, NOT ALONE, I can try, yet the impact will not be as great.    I refuse to allow this...

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That dreaded word, funding.  Most organizations out there need it, matter of fact I know that all need it, yet it seems to be a source of contention at times and many don’t want to talk about it.  Sometimes there is an abundance and then a dry spell to dry up even the ocean at times.   Funding! We would like to be transparent with our funding.  So far this last year we had a LARGE gift of $30,000.  With some of those funds we were able to help assist 5 young girls to transition from an orphanage into full time work at an embroidery shop.  They work along side of 5 older women learning and perfecting the trade.  We assisted the shop owners in the expansion that they needed in order to make the products that were promised and gave jobs, health care and other needs as necessary.  They were even able to move to  larger facility or work shop, employ a family to watch over the shop and buy some necessary equipment. Please see the post: Permalink: Boutis and Patchwork posted November of 2014. Check back here for more in an update in the next couple of months. We were also able to direct some of the funds into building a secured 3 story center on a small piece of land to do training for others that will want to work on their domestic skills, and animal/farming or gardening skills.  We hope to have this up and running by the end of 2015. All of this takes time and FUNDING…  We can NOT do this without those of you here that believe in us, in the difference we are making one child at a time.  We invite you not only to think about joining us in financial support, think about taking a trip, make a visit to our side of the world to see this work first hand.  Write to us, create community with us, live amongst us, work alongside of us and see how we live, how we train and how we LOVE. WE NEED WEEKLY, MONTHLY AND YEARLY DONORS along side of One time gifts, $5,000 – $30,000. PLEASE CONSIDER A GIFT, HOWEVER OFTEN, NO MATTER THE SIZE. JOIN US IN DOING SOMETHING...

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